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iKibris iPhone Application

What is iKibris?

iKibris is free iPhone application. It is a travel guide for North Cyrpus, and to those who are residents in the island as a daily local guide.  It covers a wide range of listings from hotels to restaurants, to various other venues of interest.

The iPhone application retrieves its content from this very website. By adding your listing to this site, after our approval, it instantly appears in the iPhone application. Almost all content of the iPhone application is being generated by users like yourself.

How can I get iKibris?

You may download iKibris to your computer with iTunes and then install it on your mobile device, or you can directly install it to your iPhone via the Application Store. You may find the application on the store by clicking any of the "Available on App Store" links on our website, or searching for "North Cyprus" or "North Cyprus Travel Guide" on the app store.

How can I add content to iKibris?

By clicking the "add listing" button on right top corner of the website, and filling the form, you may add your venue to iKibris. Your listing can be a business, as well as a social or cultural activity.

If your category is not available on the submission form, simply enter your desired category in the "suggest sub-category" box. However; this does not guarantee that the subcategory will be created. It will only be considered.


  • 6.4.2012 - Ver: 1.02 (20120331)
    Added backward support for iOs 5.0
  • 31.3.2012 - Ver: 1.01 (2)
    The Application has been submitted to the App Store with Travel Guide, Local Guide, Emergency Numbers, North Cyprus Local News, North Cyprus Local Weather, Activities sections.

    Almost all the hotels in North Cyprus, and most of the restaurants and cultural sights have been entered into the database.

    ON NEXT UPDATE: Hopefully, within a month, with the next major update, the following features will be added: 1- Push Notification Services - News, Concerts and similar events will be pushed to users mobile devises. 2. What is Around Me? - Interacitve map of North Cyprus showing the venues within the range.

What is iKibris?

iKibris is a free iPhone application. It is a Travel and Local guide for Northern Cyprus. It features a variety of venues in North Cyprus, like hotels, restaurants and many more..

by: iZorlu
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